10 Piece Paul Peterson Orchestra

10 Piece Paul Peterson Orchestra

                   From Pavarotti to Prince, the Paul Peterson Orchestra gets
                   organizations moving as one.
The Paul Peterson Orchestra is made up of Minneapolis' finest musicians, led by 
                            multi-platinum artist Paul Peterson.  Paul is one of the musical Peterson's, recently
                            inducted into the Mid-West Hall of Fame. Paul has played with or conducted for
                            various artists like Prince, Michael Bolton, Michael Crawford, and Kenny Loggins to
                            name a few. Paul brings his rich 35 year history as a musician and band leader to
                            every event he has.  His late father Willie Peterson had an orchestra 
                            from the 1950's-1969, and Paul has picked up right where his father left off.  

                   Sophisticated enough to play for Presidents Bush and Clinton,
                   yet edgy enough to play with Gene Simmons on the same gig!

                            Let the Paul Peterson Orchestra turn your event into an extraordinary night to remember.

                   Contact Paul for more information.
                   or call 612-866-4348


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